The divorce process can be an overwhelming unknown to most people.  In addition to the pain and emotions that are usually associated with this process, parties divorcing must decide how tobest care for and support their children, and how to go about distributing the assets as well as liabilities that were accumulated during the marriage.  Our divorce attorneys are able to aggressively and competently represent our clients’ interests, while always being honest and making clients aware of the perceived strengths and weaknesses of each case. 



Spousal support, also known as alimony, is one of the many issues that may be involved in any divorce action. Our divorce lawyers are well versed with divorce law and trends involving the issue of alimony, allowing them provide effective and competent representation to clients on both sides of the issue.


Equitable Distribution

Equitable distribution is the process by which the assets and liabilities acquired during the marriage are divided at the time of the desolution of the marriage. Not all property acquired during the marriage is subject to distribution, and although the marriage ends when the Judgment of Divorce is entered, for purposes of equitable distribution, the marriage ends upon the filing of the Complaint for Divorce.


Post-Judgement Issues

Often, the Judgment of Divorce does not resolve any and all issues that a divorced couple might have. There are sometimes issues that arise after the Judgment or issues that were not fully resolved due to a lack of compliance in the obligations imposed by the Judgment or agreed upon by the parties. These issues, which might range from support obligations, to distribution of assets/liabilities, to parenting time or custody, fall under the umbrella of Post-Judgment issues in which our attorneys have an extensive experience enabling them to provide our clients with effective and aggressive representation as to each and every issue.


Extensive knowledge and experience with divorce law and every part of the divorce process

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"Paula represented me in my divorce case. In the beginning, I had hired another attorney as he made me believe that the divorce case in NJ is very simple. After dealing with him and coming to know the judiciary system, I realized that most of attorneys here are clueless when the case goes to trial. Most of the attorney are just to forward the documents back and forth and have you sign it, they hope that both the parties agree and case is closed. 


However Paula is the best, she is an all-rounder that can maneuver the case in either situation. She will try her best to get the case settle before going to trial in your favor, at the same time, she is fearless to make the case in trial room too. She is very adaptable and comes across as a friendly and family oriented person. This helps you, as a client, since you go through both the emotional and financial trauma during the divorce process. She along with her partner, provide clients the backup and second opinion needed in the complex situation. I was involved in the fraudulent marriage situation that was complicated, involving false domestic violence and other aspect of the divorce and she delivered it for me. She is the best!"


-Posted by Ravi Kumaron on AVVO.com


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