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The team at Menar & Menar hopes that we all remain healthy during this Covid-19 crisis. Therefore, although our offices are open to assist you during this time we are trying to avoid in-person contact as much as possible. Please feel free to schedule telephone and video conferences in regards to your new or existing matter. Otherwise, we are answering, receiving, and reviewing any and all electronic communication. As our existing clients know, throughout the years we have progressively moved our practice to rely heavily on electronic and phone communication. Therefore, we are in excellent condition to continue our work during this time. If you need an appointment please contact us by telephone at 732-227-1188 or email at

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Family Law Attorney New Brunswick or Freehold, NJ

Get legal advice and representation for everything from pre-marital agreements to divorce negotiations.

Divorce Law Attorney New Brunswick or Freehold, NJ

Protect what's rightfully yours with dedicated and aggressive representation from a divorce attorney.

Wills Attorney New Brunswick or Freehold, NJ

Make sure your last will and testament is a valid, accessible document.

Trusts and Estates Attorney New Brunswick or Freehold, NJ

Make long-term plans for your heirs through estate planning and trust creation.

Retain a Family Law Attorney in New Brunswick or Freehold, NJ

Get Personalized Legal Representation for Your Situation

When you're going through a major life transition, you need a family law attorney who'll listen to you and fight for your rights. Menar & Menar, Attorneys At Law is dedicated to providing personalized representation to our clients. You can trust us to act in your best interests, no matter what.

Visit a family law attorney in New Brunswick or Freehold, New Jersey today. You can reach our office at 732-431-0013. Nosotros hablamos español​.

3 reasons to hire a divorce attorney

Divorce may be painful, but it doesn't have to be messy. A divorce attorney from Menar & Menar, Attorneys At Law will help your divorce progress as efficiently as possible while still advocating for the best possible outcome. We'll work to make sure you:

  1. Get fair alimony and child support agreements
  2. Create a healthy custody arrangement
  3. Protect your property during asset distribution


Don't shoulder the weight of a divorce on your own shoulders. Call 732-431-0013 today to speak with a zealous divorce attorney.


Why work with an estate planning attorney?

Do you know what your will needs to include? How can you tell if you need a trust, an advance directive or powers of attorney in your end-of-life plans? Our estate planning attorney will help you:

  • Decide whether you need a revocable or irrevocable trust
  • Name trustees and beneficiaries
  • Place restrictions on how and when the property will be distributed

Speak with an estate planning attorney in New Brunswick or Freehold, NJ about your situation today.