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Do you trust a computer program to handle your final wishes? A will attorney from Menar & Menar, Attorneys At Law can make sure your last will and testament becomes a valid document. You'll also get legal guidance based on years of professional experience. Talk to a will attorney in Freehold or New Brunswick, New Jersey by calling 732-431-0013 now.

What will your estate plan include?

Estate planning means making decisions about your family's future. Your estate plan will outline...

  • Who will receive what property. Will certain people receive specific portions of your estate, or will you liquidate it and divide the funds?
  • How it will be transferred to them. Will you place your property in a trust, or will it go through probate court?
  • When they can access it. Do you want your heirs to receive everything at once, over the course of years or when they reach a certain age?

You don't need to sort through all these decisions alone. Turn to an experienced estate planning attorney at Menar & Menar, Attorneys At Law for professional guidance.

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